E-commerce Watch Collection Case Study

Hey, guys!

I just wanted to share this simple 2 Step case study with you that involved using Quiz Funnels, a new Software that is going to be released on 25th May’16.

This is a recent physical product case study that one of the clients created for our watches e-commerce store using QuizFunnels app. So here is how it went!

STEP 1: We promoted our new “Watches Collection” for our e-commerce business via Facebook ads with a quiz, offering the chance for 3 people to win 3 of his new stylish watches. The campaign ran for two weeks and 6,543 took the quiz, with over 3,535 shares and reached 189,435 people on Facebook and get 5,984 new leads.

As part of the marketing activities around of our new watches collection, we created a quiz that told people what “Explore your Style” to become in response to a series of questions about their personality traits. The campaign ran for two weeks and achieved impressive results:

  • 6,543 took the quiz.
  • Got 5,984 new leads.
  • More than 3,535 users shared the quiz.
  • The campaign reached 189,435 people on Facebook.
  • It reached 500K people reached outside of Facebook through Twitter and blogs.

In 2 weeks we did this and we built a huge fresh hot list of 5,984 of watch lovers.

(Proof from QuizFunnels Dashboard)

We did that in a couple of weeks guys.

STEP 2: So what happened after we got 5,984 leads? We emailed them and followed up them and we offered them a 15% discount coupon to be able to buy one watch for an average 75$ a watch. By the end, we sold around 299 watches representing about 5% of the audience. Almost $22,425 was generated from one simple customer-driven quiz funnel built with QuizFunnels. We can easily sell them other related offers to this buyer list.

I hope that you enjoyed this case study. If you have any questions or thoughts, feel free to share them below!

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